How To Find Out Which Foods That Trigger Acne

How To Find Out Which Foods That Trigger Acne

By | January 18, 2017

This article shows you how to find out what food could be the cause of acne and solutions for preventing acne. Although there has been no definitive clinical studies proving the type of food can cause acne, it is good anecdotal evidence that there are certain foods that can aggravate your acne

You need:.
Much patience and time.

A food journal.


Start a food journal and a list of what foods you eat and what you drink on a daily basis. Meanwhile, you should monitor your acne. If you want to get really technical, you can put it in an Excel spreadsheet, and find out if your breakouts related to a certain food. You should do this at least 1 month and longer if you want to combine this with an effort to lose weight or start a diet.

This is the hardest step, you have to eliminate foods that you suspect may be the cause of acne. The usual suspects include: nuts (peanuts, walnuts, pecans, etc.), chocolate (chocolate bars, truffles, ice), high sugar candy eaten in excess, fried food (be careful because many restaurants fry foods that you would not even suspect) , peanut butter (my personal nemesis and favorite comfort food) and cheese.

Eliminate the usual suspects and everything else that you might have personally found to exacerbate your acne. Often foods that trigger acne is related to hormonal imbalances or allergies that you may have on certain foods. For some people, this may also include wheat or gluten products. . . This is tough to do, but to eliminate all these foods for at least one month will allow your skin to clean up

You should also watch what you drink-whether it is non-diet cola / soda, they must be eliminated with diet soda. Diet soda does not trigger acne, but if you drink diet soda, you’re probably not drinking enough water and drinking water is one of the cheapest and best ways to nourish the skin. For some people, milk or milk products be linked to their acne problems.

Your diet has to radically change to identify triggers for acne, but when you see positive results of clear skin, you’ll find it easier to adapt to a new, healthy diet. After you have obtained a better diet, you can reintroduce some of the acne trigger foods to determine how strong of an effect it has on acne, and decide how much acne you can put up with for a piece of Lindt chocolate.

Tips and Warnings

Top acne trigger foods: peanut butter, chocolate, nuts, dairy products and fried foods or anything with a high concentration of oil / butter / fat.

Coordinate your new diet with an acne treatment regimen
See a doctor if you think you have severe food allergies, it is better to be diagnosed and know how to treat allergies.
Changing diet or eliminating certain foods does not mean you starve yourself! Your calorie intake should not change significantly unless you are trying to lose weight.

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