How To Use The Weight Gainer 1850

How To Use The Weight Gainer 1850

By | January 18, 2017

Pro Performance Weight Gainer 1850 is a dietary supplement manufactured and sold by GNC aims to help users gain weight quickly. It is very high in calories and each serving contains 74 grams of protein and 354 grams of carbohydrates when mixed with 2% reduced fat milk. As the name suggests, provides Weight Gainer 1850 1850 calories per serving. It is very easy to use and comes in three flavors :. French vanilla, Dutch chocolate and strawberry-banana

You need:
measuring cup

. Blender.
2% reduced fat milk.

Unscrew the weight gainer 1850 and peel back the foil safety seal.


Assemble your blender and plug it into a nearby outlet kitchen. Remove the lid from the blender.

Pour three cups Weight Gainer 1850 into a measuring cup and pour the powder into the blender yours.

Add 24 ml of 2% reduced fat milk to the blender and place the lid on top of the blender yours. Mix the mixture in a medium speed until all the powder is dissolved. If you prefer a thicker drink, add six to 10 ice cubes in the blender and blend the mixture with a high speed until the ice is incorporated.

Pour into a large glass and drink. You can use the Weight Gainer 1850 two to three times per day, but limit use to once per day when you first start using this product and gradually add additional servings if needed.


Save opened container of Pro Performance Weight Gainer 1850 in a cool place to ensure freshness. You can expect to get about five servings of each 4.3 pound container.

Tips and Warnings

Most of your diet should always consist of healthy meals and nutritious foods. This product should be used only as a supplement to a healthy diet, and not as a substitute for whole foods. You can also make Weight Gainer 1850 with water if you get too full drink shake with milk. Just add the same amount of water 24 fluid ounces-instead of milk. This will reduce the calorie content of 1490 calories with 50 grams of protein and 318 grams of carbohydrate.
Talk to your doctor before you start using Pro Performance Weight Gainer 1850, especially if you are a diabetic. Pro Performance Weight Gainer 1850 contain egg, milk and soy products, so do not use weight gainer 1850 if you are allergic to any of these items.

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