How To Prepare A Home Salad Bar

How To Prepare A Home Salad Bar

By | January 19, 2017

While most people do not have time to cook four or five kinds of vegetables every day, if you want to make sure that your family gets antioxidants and fiber, why not set up a home salad bar? . Choose a designated evening each week, and advertise it as salad bar night. Here’s how to make your own home salad bar

You need:.
Your understanding and attention

Start by making a list of possible salad ingredients for your home salad bar. Choose colorful vegetables like peppers, carrots, and grape tomatoes with green ingredients like spinach, romaine lettuce, arugula, cucumber slices, and endive. Add extra flavor with chopped onions, olives and crumbled feta cheese with chickpeas, edamame, and roasted nuts for protein. Add a gourmet touch with sundried tomatoes, hearts of palm, water chestnuts and baby corn. You can even add exotic fruits such as mango and papaya to your home salad bar. There are a few more healthy options available and you can vary them on a week by week basis. Consider buying local and organic salad ingredients whenever possible.

For a special touch, consider making your own salad dressings. Instead of providing standard dressings like Thousand Island and Ranch, mix up some exotic and healthy vinegar based dressings or bandages with an oriental flare. There are many recipes for tasty salad dressings on the Internet that will work well for home salad bar.

Wash the vegetables well and cut them into smaller pieces a day or two before the salad bar night and store them in containers in your refrigerator. At the salad bar night, take them out and put them into attractive glass containers. Line them up along a long table and add seaweed so that each person can serve themselves. Stack attractive plates at the beginning of the table and glass containers of salad dressing at the end along with silverware and napkins. Imagine the joy that each member of your family creates its own salad. Plus, you get the satisfaction of knowing that they are getting their vegetable quota for the day.

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