Prescription Weight Loss

Prescription Weight Loss

By | January 19, 2017

There are several forms of weight loss programs available through your doctor. Medications can be prescribed to give the patient a jump start on weight loss. Some pills are designed to control appetite, while others affect the body’s ability to absorb nutrition. With all medical weight loss programs, diet and exercise also addressed. Often the patient has limited knowledge of proper diet and exercise, and this requires some advice. A multifaceted approach can often provide the best long-term outcome.

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Most medical weight loss programs involving supervision prescribed use of appetite suppressants. . Many obese people simply can not override the hunger mechanism that become overactive. Prescription appetite suppressants are more powerful than over-the-counter variety and can help break the overeating cycle. They are typically prescribed for short-term bases, so that patients do not rely entirely on them for their loss, also because of potential side effects.

Another common form of prescription weight loss medication is fat molecule absorption blocker. Such drugs bind to some of the fat molecules or absorption sites to prevent the body from absorbing fats. Patients can continue to eat the foods they like without actually receive all the fat from food. These medications can have the side effect of loose or oily stools and diarrhea when extremely fatty foods are eaten.

All the above mentioned diet medications are used in conjunction with any or many diet modification. The idea of ??using prescription medication is to give the patient a start on adapting better eating habits. Patients are advised to make smarter choices in their meal planning and what constitutes good nutrition, such as eating lean protein and lots of fruits and vegetables instead of fast foods or high-fat foods.

Weight loss patients are also encouraged to get moving as much as possible. Many overweight people do not exercise or exercise very little. Along with medication and diet counseling, patients who receive a basic exercise regimen with many options, so they can find a workout that works for them. Sometimes simple changes, like going out for walks or take the stairs instead of the elevator, can have a significant effect on weight loss.
When used alone, some people report regain weight they lost with weight loss medications. Patients combining pills with modifications to diet and exercise, often experience more long-term weight loss. Sometimes it is necessary for patients to seek counseling to understand the cause of their eating problems. All of these techniques combined give the best chance for long-term weight loss.

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