How To Lose Weight With Laser Treatments

How To Lose Weight With Laser Treatments

By | January 20, 2017

According to European studies, laser treatments really stimulates weight loss. And while laser weight loss has been used in Europe for decades, it is fairly new to the United States. But now, many doctors and other qualified medical professionals, who have dropped weight over a four week period, the believers in the benefits of laser therapy for weight loss. Here is how laser treatments work, plus a little extra motivation to help you lose weight

Understand that laser treatment works as an appetite suppressant, reduce cravings. Cold, soft beams non-invasive laser is directed at 37 points on the body similar to acupuncture, but without needles. You will sit in a comfortable chair while a technician points beams on the tips of the fingers and toes, and the points on the knees and elbows. Cold lasers, also known as low level lasers, stimulates metabolism and allows the body to use food efficiently instead of storing it as fat.

Work with your doctor to customize treatments. The laser treatments, which are tailored to suit individual needs, includes monitoring, nutritional counseling and motivational support. Many laser therapy centers offer a 24-hour helpline that provides ongoing support.

Lower stress. When stimulated with a laser beam, specific points on the body signal the brain to release endorphins. Increased endorphins reduce production of the stress hormone, cortisol, which in turn reduces cravings. When the body is in balance, the cravings stop.

Understand that it improves willpower. You will feel motivated to eat smaller portions, keep away from sweets and increase your level of physical activity. Eating more fruits and vegetables will help with less saturated fat and sugar. Just switching from processed flour to whole grain is a major step towards losing weight.

Experience increased energy. Exercise, along with diet is important in any weight loss program. You can keep the physical activity simple. Start slow by just walking five minutes a day for one week, and then increase it gradually. You will get up to 30 minutes of moderately paced exercise almost every day.

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