How To Make A Delicious Protein Shake

How To Make A Delicious Protein Shake

By | January 20, 2017

This is a tasty, cost-effective protein shake that you can make at home. I made this recipe because I was tired of paying too much for the store-bought alternatives. This is a quick and delicious treat that is perfect for anyone on the go

You need:
1 Large Frozen Banana

. 1 Scoop (30 g) Whey Protein Powder.
1 Cup (8oz) skim milk.

Peel a big banana and place it inside a sandwich bag. Seal it and leave it in the freezer until it is frozen. It is best to do a bunch of time, so you have enough finished frozen bananas to last for a week or so.

In a blender, add the frozen banana and a cup of skim milk. Blend for forty seconds on high until the mixture is creamy and smooth.

Add a scoop of whey protein, which can be purchased at almost any grocery store, and mix for an additional thirty seconds. Pour into a glass and enjoy.

Tips and Warnings

Feel free to add other fruits as well, such as strawberries, mango, etc.

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