Using Soy Isoflavones

Using Soy Isoflavones

By | January 20, 2017

Isoflavones are natural plant hormones found in soybeans and help your health in several ways-especially for those in middle age and older to reduce the risk of heart disease and all cancers, reduce menopause symptoms, guarding against prostate problems and improve overall bone health and strength. A great way to take advantage of soy isoflavones is taking them as supplements

You need:.
Soy isoflavone supplements

Buy soy isoflavone supplements. . If you have not already. These are usually sold as capsules and can be found in the diet and supplement stores.

Consume anywhere from one to three capsules per day. Consult your doctor about the optimal amount of soy isoflavones for you.

Take each capsule with a meal.

Drink at least eight grams of water with each pill. Your body needs water molecules to perform many chemical reactions. By drinking water, you give your body the fuel to fully absorb your soy isoflavones.

Supplement soy isoflavones with healthier habits that work against dietary goals you have set for yourself. Isoflavones on your own will help you, but they will not replace a varied diet.

Tips and Warnings

While soy products are considered very safe to eat soy isoflavones cause an increase in blood pressure, worsening of kidney stones, decreased thyroid hormone production and may increase the risk of bladder cancer.

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