Diet And Exercise

Diet And Exercise

By | January 21, 2017

There are many different exercises to choose from. The right combination of diet and exercise will depend on your current physical condition and personal goals. While special circumstances require special procedures, most manage their weight and improve their physical condition with a standard diet and exercise. You can exercise and lose weight without ever setting foot in a gym. It’s about eating the right foods and being active

Watch what you eat. It is important to consume the right foods to control weight and maintain good health. Many people eat too much sugar, and this is a major cause of obesity and other health problems. Stop eating sweets and fast food. Try to cut out fatty foods and simple carbohydrates from your diet. Examples include soft drinks, pasta, white bread, hamburgers, French fries and potato chips. Use common sense when it comes to avoiding food. Focus on complex carbohydrates, vegetables, fruits and foods rich in protein. For breakfast, eat boiled eggs with a slice of whole-grain toast. Try eating salad with grilled chicken for lunch. Sauteed fish with a side of vegetables makes a great dinner, and you can fill it with some fresh fruit for dessert. Eat smaller portions and drinking plenty of water helps you reduce the size of your belly. Little by little, the food cravings reduced when you slim down your waistline.

cardio training
The basis of any exercise is cardio. You need to get your heart rate up and break a sweat to jump-start your metabolism and burns calories. Set aside at least half an hour of cardio exercise three days each week. Four or five days each week is better if you want to lose a lot of weight. Variety is always a good idea to keep your exercise from becoming boring. Each week, be sure to vary your cardio workouts. For one session, go for a long distance run in the park. Jog at a brisk pace for half an hour. For the next session, work on interval training with a wristwatch. Start the session with a light jog for two minutes. Then run as fast as you can in a minute before slowing to a slow jog again. Jogging and get to two minutes, and then sprint again. Repeat this cycle for twenty minutes. Another option for a cardio session, is to ride your bike for half an hour. This gives a little variety to your routine, and it really works your leg muscles if you are going for an uphill walk.

No training program is complete without a little strength training. Stronger muscles help you achieve a more toned look, and muscle tissue also burns more calories than normal cells, so you will be able to keep the weight off with an increased metabolism. Perform strength training three times a week, preferably on the days you do cardio. One day should be dedicated to the push-ups. This exercise works the chest, shoulders and triceps. Perform five sets of ten push-ups to start and work your way up from there. The next session is for your core. Perform three sets of twenty crunches, and three sets of twenty sit-ups. The last day for leg lunges to tone your legs and glutes. Standing straight, taking a big step with the right foot. Now bend down with the left leg until your left knee almost touches the ground. Hold the position for one second and slowly return to the starting point. Repeat this movement for twenty repetitions before switching legs. Perform three sets for each leg. Alternating strengthening exercises as these make training more interesting, and it also gives your muscles time to recover and rebuild after working out every week.

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