How To Count Calories For A Teenage Girl

How To Count Calories For A Teenage Girl

By | January 21, 2017

With hundreds of weight loss methods, plans and programs available online, in books and on TV, is the proven method of losing weight to reduce calories. To reduce or maintain weight, a person must know how many calories are normal for her age, weight, size and activity. Teenage girls in particular, fully conscious of their numbers, can keep educated and fit by counting calories, combining this method with healthy eating and exercise

Add the following: (weight in pounds x 4.3) + (your height in inches x 4.7) + 655- (age in years x 4.7)

Multiply your number of steps above one of the following numbers :. . 0.2 if you are inactive, 0.3 if you are slightly active, 0.4 if you exercise frequently or 0.5 if you exercise intensely everyday.

Enter the result from step one to the result from step two. This will be the number of calories you need daily to maintain your weight.

Read the nutrition label of everything you eat or drink, and multiply the number of calories on the number of servings eats you.

Add calories from any food or drink you consume during the day. Allow yourself the number of calories from step 3 if you want to maintain your weight, allowing less if you want to lose weight.

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