Healthy Low-calorie, Low-fat Foods

Healthy Low-calorie, Low-fat Foods

By | January 22, 2017

Eating healthy low-fat, low-calorie foods often to make substitutes. Making wise choices and reading labels will also help to ensure overall healthy food. Healthy low-fat foods is not synonymous with low-calorie foods

Low-Calorie Foods
Low-calorie food often. a bad rap. There is great variety of fresh fruit that is sweet and calorie. Raw or steamed vegetables with lots of spices are low calorie and has good taste.

Low-Fat Foods
Low-fat foods such as fish and chicken breast, lean meat and low-fat cottage cheese. Tuna packed in water is also conceivable up with lemon juice, Cajun seasoning and sesame. Almost all spices are low fat.

Delicious Foods
Dressing up low-calorie and low-fat foods can make something ordinary into something delicious. Mix low-fat yogurt and low-fat cottage cheese together. Add favorite spices and parmesan cheese, and you have a great dip for raw vegetables.

healthy Substitutes
Putting healthy ingredients can give your old favorites a slimming makeover. Skim milk can replace whole milk. There are many less fat cheeses, vegetarian substitutes for meat, turkey sausages, fish canned in water to name a few.

Low-Calorie Aubstitutes
There are many healthy low calorie food substitutes. Air popped popcorn, frozen fruit, diet mayonaise and sugarless jams are smarter choice for a healthy diet. Applesauce is a substitute for oil when baking.

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