Symptoms Of Eye Cancer

Symptoms Of Eye Cancer

By | January 22, 2017

eye cancer is uncommon, but it can develop in both adults and children, while manifest symptoms similar to other eye problems. Symptoms of eye cancer include a variety of conditions that can also be attributed to other causes. These include poor or blurred vision, loss of vision in the afflicted eye, a change in shape of the pupil, dark spots visible on the surface of the eye, or sensations of flashing lights.

eye cancer, also known as eye melanoma or ocular melanoma, occurs when there is an error in the DNA of a healthy eye. these errors instruct the mutated cells to continue growing, the cells then accumulate in the eye and symptoms begin to develop most often, cancer is found in the vascular layer of the eye near the retina, but can also develop in. The outer layer in front of the eye . These types of cancer in outer eye is very rare.
it is equally important to understand that some of these conditions are caused by something much less serious and are not necessarily symptoms of eye cancer. blurred vision and floaters may only be part of the natural aging process, but it’s never a bad idea to have some changes in your vision checked by a healthcare professional. diagnosis often consist only of an eye exam, eye cancer can often be detected with handheld instruments and other microscopes designed to look into the eye.

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