The Most Common Syphilis Effects

The Most Common Syphilis Effects

By | January 22, 2017

Syphilis is a bacterial infection which is a sexually transmitted disease, or STD. it is not always spread by sexual contact, syphilis is usually contracted through genital regions. everyone who comes into contact with a mustache infectious lesion is at risk of becoming infected. there are a number of syphilis effects and they usually occur in stages. syphilis can cause damage to various body parts, both internally and externally.

with treatment, syphilis effects dim after the primary stage. if it does not, but moving the victim’s body on secondary infection stage. This stage brings on more syphilis effects. Secondary syphilis occurs about six months after first contact or primary infection.
In this phase, a victim of this disease most likely experience a skin rash. like most other rashes, these are red or brown and can appear anywhere on the body. fever often accompany secondary syphilis stage, which makes fatigue. a general feeling of aching pain and soreness are common in this phase. swollen lymph nodes and sore can come back as well.
Latent syphilis occurs when the syphilis goes untreated. this hidden condition of the disease can last for years. Syphilis effects can not even back. Unfortunately for some victims, for latent syphilis occurs, tertiary syphilis next. in these late stages of the disease, brain, nerves, joints and other organs may be affected. some of syphilis effects endured in this phase include occasional muscle movements, numbness and paralysis, among others.

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