Eating A Healthy Diet And Save Money

Eating A Healthy Diet And Save Money

By | January 23, 2017

Eating and maintaining a healthy diet is important if you want to live a quality lifestyle and keep diseases at bay-but it can be expensive to buy food and products from organic or specialty stores. That’s why so many of us in these difficult economic times find ourselves compromising our health and diets by eating cheaper quality and “junk” food. This article will provide some tips on keeping a healthy diet and save money on a limited budget

You need:. .
Farmers Market

Wholesale Clubs.
Dollar Stores.

Discount stores.
Generic drugs.

Shop at local farmers markets or family grocery stores where products may cost less than the big chain supermarkets. Usually they will have reduced the prices of some products or products that have not sold, and they want to move quickly. Ask the store manager if they have certain days when products go on sale.

Buy generic name brand multivitamins, supplements and over-the-counter drugs like aspirin, cough syrup and flu medications. They work the same way as brands, but usually costs less.

Shop on budget discount stores. For example, dollar stores stock generic over-the-counter vitamins, supplements and medicines in less than a quarter of the price you pay at drugstores. Many also offer fresh fruits and vegetables that cost a fraction of what you pay at a supermarket.

Buy bulk packaging. Buying products in bulk at wholesale clubs like Costco will help you to reduce your grocery bills because you do not have to pay for the extra expense of marketing and packaging individual items.

Cook meals in large quantities and divide into separate parts, then freeze for working lunches or meals at a later date. Pasta dishes are great for cooking in bulk and divide into smaller portions.

Plan a weekly and monthly menu and make a list of items that you need. Estimate costs and create a weekly budget to see where you can make adjustments or change the menu to fit your budget -. Without compromising your diet or health

Cut coupons from. magazines and newspapers to reduce costs grocery. Join grocery clubs or reward programs to get the store discounts. Most of the best chain supermarkets offer discount or rewards programs, but you must join the club or join before you can qualify.

Tips and Warnings

keep a daily log of your expenses and items you buy, so you may have a history of your spending habits and eating habits. Observe and see how it affects your eating and your health. If there is a negative effect, you should find ways to change it.
stay healthy and eat a healthy diet usually involves more than one person-usually family members, friends and colleagues is part of your life-so include them in your plan, because the more support you can get from each other-the better the chances for to stay the course and maintain the healthy lifestyle
This article is not a substitute for seeking medical attention from your own doctor or health care professional. .

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