How To Survive Phase 1 Of The South Beach Diet

How To Survive Phase 1 Of The South Beach Diet

By | January 23, 2017

Phase 1 is the hardest part to survive the South Beach Diet, or of any low carb diet. During these first two weeks you must avoid most carbs and sugar. You may not feel very good that your body requires carbohydrates, and you may question the whole South Beach Diet concept.

Here are some tips that can help you survive Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet.
You need:

Open mind
. Desire to be fit.

Clear out your pantry. To truly survive Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet you want to throw some unwanted carbohydrates from your kitchen pantry. Donation unopened packages to your local food pantry. It will be tougher if you do not have leaner and children in the house, but you can still eliminate pasta and rice. Save whole wheat items that will not go stale once -. . You can have them for Phase 1

Stock up on South Beach approved low carb snacks to survive Phase 1. Buy lots of lean cheeses, lean meats and nuts for snacking on.

Fight hunger pains. You are not supposed to be hungry during any part of the South Beach diet. Go ahead and eat larger portions of the allowed foods and have snacks.

Fight carb cravings. Most people should quit craving carbs by the fourth day of the diet. Stick it out by thinking about how wonderful you feel 8-13 pounds lighter.

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