How To Get Results From P90X Without Charge

How To Get Results From P90X Without Charge

By | January 24, 2017

They will tell you that P90X works only if you use the products, but it is not the case. With some simple purchase of $ 50 or less you can get the same results

You need:. .
Resistance Band

Whey Protein.
Protein Bars.

Will Power.


First you need to get your hand on P90X system including all documentation and videos. You can purchase from the site or look on ebay and Graig list. Lots of torrents available, but illegal, so I do not recommend that route.

After P90X system they want they want you to buy dumbbells and / or resistance bands, fresh drink, P90X brand protein bars, etc. All of these elements add up to be $ 100’s of dollars or you can pick them up at your local Walmart for under $ 50.

First see some of the videos and see if this is something that you are going to be able to accomplish cause you do not want to spend money on something that you should not follow through. Once you have committed to a better body and healthier lifestyle use the following list to buy the items needed.

Resistance Bands :.
Gold’s Gym Bands = $ 14.95

Recovery Drink: I do not use this, but you may find a slightly cheaper option at Vitamin World or GNC
Heath Formula:

Full Multivitamin $ 5
Protein Bars:

Anything that does not have a lot of calories from fat and at least 15g protein. Look online for ingredients and nutrition label for P90X marked as compare and get directly comparable. The ones I use only $ 5
Pull Up Bars:

you can use the resistance band for these

Once you have all these launch videos are all nutritional information in the documentation. And enjoy the results without spending a fortune.

Tips and Warnings

A typical day diet

Breakfast 7:00 Protein Smoothie with bananas and strawberries in fat free milk
Snack: 3A00 Protein bar

Lunch: turkey on whole wheat Honey (without spices)
Snack: apple, orange, banana, etc

Dinner: Chicken (2 small tenderloins) with virgin olive oil in a pan and steamed broccoli
Always eat at least three hours before bedtime

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