What Must A Food Label List

What Must A Food Label List

By | January 24, 2017

Food labels make it easier for consumers to understand exactly what they are eating. Food labels list the information that you will probably never need, such as the company’s address. But brands also list important information for health, as total lipid content of the product may have come into contact with food allergens. Being a smart consumer, always check food labels before buying a product, especially if you have food allergies or are on a diet

All packaged foods must list the name of the product and the name and address of the company that produces it. The company must also print the net weight of the product.

safe handling
For meat products, companies are required to provide safe handling instructions.

Companies are required to write out a list of ingredients.

The food label should list some possible allergens that food contains, or may have come in contact with. Common food allergens include nuts, milk, eggs and shellfish.

In addition to other identifying information, companies must list the nutrition facts on packaged foods. Nutrition involves calories, cholesterol, fat, trans fat, fiber, sugar, protein and vitamin content.

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