How To Eat Well On A Tight Budget

How To Eat Well On A Tight Budget

By | January 26, 2017

Do you ever get tired of going to the store and wonder how the bill was so high? Well, here are some tips on how to keep the bill low and still get everything you need

You need:!.
Two Pieces of Paper MobiltelefoniPen.

Cookbooks (optional).
Coupons (optional).

The first thing you must do before you leave the store is to get yourself prepared to go. That means you need to know exactly what you get from the store. Before leaving the house, sit down and create a menu. Number assignment 10-30 and list the meals you want to eat during the month (remember not all meals must be difficult or time consuming). Stay away from processed foods like frozen dinners and boxed dinners. Then from the meals you wrote down, write out the ingredients you need for each meal on a separate sheet. I think it is easier to list things by groups. Example: Produce, meat, dairy products, etc.. .

Next, bring your shopping list and a pen so you can check off items as you go. . Remember just what you have on your list!

When you are shopping, stay away from the shelves as much as possible. Buy fresh or frozen produce and fresh meat (buy meat in bulk and share it when you get home in resealable bags and check the meal it is for). The processed foods that are found in the aisle is not cheap and not healthy, so try to limit the use.

When you’re done with your list, go check out, and you will be surprised and what you save. If you have coupons presenting them at this time.

When you come home immediately divide the meat up of meals, and freeze what you do not want to use in the next two days. When you are ready for the meal, there will already be divided in a resealable bag and all you have to do is to pull out of the freezer and stick it in the refrigerator to thaw. Now your shopping is done for a month!

Tips and Warnings

Make it a fun process, creating two new meals a month.
To use something for two meals (example: sausage for a Quiche and Spaghetti and Meatballs) eat them close together so you do not have to refreeze and rethaw meat once.

Buy fresh lettuce and cut it up yourself instead of ready to go salad, it is much cheaper and it only takes 5 minutes to rinse lettuce, but you get much more for your money!
DO NOT go when you’re hungry

do not buy all your fresh products simultaneously. Just get what you need for a week, so it does not destroy.
You may need to go back to the store to buy fresh products as needed.

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