How To Follow Your Heart

How To Follow Your Heart

By | January 26, 2017

Heart rates in women is different than a man. Their heart rate and blood presure move slower tand traveling less, but in recent years women have been growing louder. The main risk factors for coronary heart disease in women are those of the following

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-Cigartte Smoking :. (Risk simlar as men)

-Hypertension, Including isolated systolic hypertension: (benefits of antihypertensice therapy similar for women and men)
-dyslipidemi: (low level of HDL chelesterol is a risk factor CAD in younger and older women and stronger predictor of death in women than in men)

-Diabetes Mellitus (stronger risk factor in women than in men)

Obesity (abdominal obesity is a particularly important risk factor for coronary heart disease in women)
-Stillesittende Lifestyle (as in men a significant reduction in risk of coronary heart disease results from even moderate activity)

-Poor nutrition

Heart disease significatly increases risk of stroke, independent of blood pressure, people with CAD or heart failure are more than twice as likely Storke which people with. normal pulse. Elimination of the cigarette, and treatment of high blood pressure reduces the risk of heart disease and the risk of stroke.

Tips and Warnings

What is a CAD? There is a cardiovascular disease!
If you ignore these warnings and education on risk of hypertension and stroke for women, and these kinds come in all ages. That is if you are not fit and in shape to the height and bpdy size you are.

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