How To Reduce Cholesterol With Peanut Butter

How To Reduce Cholesterol With Peanut Butter

By | January 26, 2017

Can peanut butter manage cholesterol? Many recommended include peanut butter to your diet, not only for a healthy enjoyment, but also to manage cholesterol. Can PB in PB J actually help you monitor your cholesterol? Apparently, it does! . Let us see how

Check out the peanut butter’s health benefits. . reduce cholesterol

In a long-term study in women with type 2 diabetes, 45 percent were in lower risk of cardiovascular disease and heart attack when they had at least five servings of peanut butter. Not only did it control your blood sugar with its dual combo of protein and unsaturated fat ,. It also filled up two hours longer than a low-fiber, high-carb snacks
Also peanuts are rich in plant compounds called sterols, one of potent cholesterol buster. The sterol not only controls the heart, but it can also keep you from colon, prostate and breast cancer.

Consider buying the organic brand of peanut butter to reduce cholesterol.

Store bought peanut butter is sweetened with sugar. Natural and organic brands generally have no added sugar and less sodium than regular brands. And even better choice is to do it on your own at home.

Incorporating peanut butter to your diet to manage cholesterol levels

Many skeptical about including peanut butter because of the saturated fat in it. Studies have shown that saturated fat is not too bad and deadly. Saturated fats help your body to create HDL and LDL. Incorporate it in moderation is OK.
Apart from the favorite peanut butter and jelly sandwich, use peanut butter as dips and spreads on whole grain bagels and Waffels.

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