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Information On Legumes

Legumes are seeds that grow inside pods or fruits of Leguminosae family of plants. These seeds are eaten fresh, canned, frozen, dried or flour. Legumes are a very healthy food, valued for their nutritional benefits typeslegumes are alfalfa, clover, peas, beans, lentils, lupins and peanuts. Types of legumes contains garbanzo beans or chickpeas, lima beans,… Read More »

Eating Chocolate Without Gaining Weight

Enjoying chocolate without gaining weight can seem difficult, considering the large amounts of fat and sugar packed into each little square. Follow these steps to enjoy your favorite sweet without putting on pounds 1Choose dark chocolate over milk or white chocolate. Dark chocolate can lower blood pressure, and you’ll feel more satisfied after eating it… Read More »

7 Day Colon Cleanse

The colon has a large number of cracks where waste, feces and other debris can be caught. You may end up feeling sick or tired because of trapped toxins, but to do a colon cleanse can make you feel better and even help you lose a few pounds. You just need to take care in… Read More »

Vaginal Bleeding

a vaginal bleeding is the heavy and uncontrollable flow of blood from the vagina. It usually develops because of a ruptured blood vessel in the vagina. An individual may also bleeding blood from the vagina because of a spontaneous abortion, problem with the uterus, or trauma to the cervix. while a vaginal bleeding can be… Read More »

How To Count Calories

Not having a clue about how much calories the giant hamburger could be harmful to you and your goal of losing weight. How do you find out how many calories you need 1The easiest way to find out how many calories that bag of chips contains is to look at the back of the bag.… Read More »