7 Day Colon Cleanse

7 Day Colon Cleanse

By | January 27, 2017

The colon has a large number of cracks where waste, feces and other debris can be caught. You may end up feeling sick or tired because of trapped toxins, but to do a colon cleanse can make you feel better and even help you lose a few pounds. You just need to take care in doing it correctly

bowel Cleanser
A bowel cleanser works by pressing. out accumulated waste in the gastrointestinal tract and forcing the debris through the intestines. As mass acts through the intestines, it picks up the captured pieces captured on the pages and helps expel them too. The Master Cleanse program, which uses all natural products are a good example of this. Many of these programs begin to work within the first week, but some prefer to stay in the program for longer periods of time.

colon Cleanse
Colon purified as Colon Sweep and Oxygen Colon Cleanse is designed to work the same way as a bowel cleanser, but puts more emphasis on the colon. The products dissolve debris and bacteria trapped in the colon, turning the toxins into a gelatinous blob that is expelled from the body. The best way to use this type of product is by taking it twice a day and eat five small meals consisting primarily of whole grains and fresh fruits. This helps cleanse the body of any debris, waste or toxins trapped in the stomach and intestines, as well as those trapped in the colon.

A diet rich in antioxidants and dietary fiber can help you clean out your colon for seven days or less. Whole grains such as pasta and bread, legumes and fresh fruits and vegetables can help you clean out not only the colon, but the gastrointestinal tract. It can also help prevent your colon from collecting waste and keep stools more regularly. If you have plans to follow this type of diet, try slowly incorporating new foods into the system to prevent shock.

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